An interpreter is a trained bilingual who can translate quickly and efficiently between spoken English and British Sign Language (BSL). They will work in a variety of situations (medical, legal, meetings, workplace, conferences etc) to ensure that all parties communicate effectively with each other.

Depending on the level of qualification of the interpreter they may be suitable for different types of work. All the interpreters listed are qualified to work across a range of different situations, with some also specialising in legal and/or mental health bookings.

Information about the requirement for qualified interpreters to be booked and the responsibility for organisations to provide this as a service can be found at the Website

Information regarding the duty to provide a British Sign Language/English Interpreter under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is available at the Equality and Human Rights Commission website. Equality and Human Rights Commission website.

More information regarding the regulation of BSL interpreters can be found at NRCPD, including details on how to complain about an interpreter.


This website is a quick and convenient way for you to contact qualified, registered British Sign Language interpreters who live in the Yorkshire region.

A simple one click button lets you send an email to all the interpreters listed saving you time and money.

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